Q. What is relation of food and obesity?

Obesity is not only deposition of fat in body. We find out that, the most common cause of obesity is poor digestion power. Hence some person take maximum food rather than obese person but still weight is not significant high.

For example. A 30 year old male person take food 4 times in a day and every time he take approx. 400 gm food and his weight is 60 kg. Second one 30 year old male person take food 2 times in a day and every time he take food 200 gm food and his weight is 90 kg.

So quantity of food is not major issue of your obesity but even you take simple mung water and if it not digest it will increase your body weight and if your digestion power is strong, you will never fill heavy body even after taken 5 laddu.

Q. Most common question of population. If I folow strict diet plan and exercise, my weight is reduced but when I stop it, my weight is gain more and more. So why this mater is happening?

Diet and exercise is only for burn of extra deposited undigested food and prevent to you from increase phase of your weight. There is no any roll of diet and exercise to increase your digestion power. It is just stop your new deposition of undigested material in your body. But when you started your normal diet and lifestyle, the weight will be increase and you will reach same weight within a short period. Because your digestion power is poor as previous. and You didn’t take any treatment of your digestion power.

Q. What is roll of honey and warm water to reduce your weight?

First of all, this is not Ayured concept. Any ayurved acharays describe, such a preparation to reduce your weight. According to ayurveda, honey is highly toxin when it is combined with any warm liquid. So when honey taken with warm water, your digestion power will be decreased. And after that you will be convert in the patient of morbid obesity.

Q. I always walk 30 minutes after dinner, but my weight is never reduced. why?

Ayurved describe that, after taking food, you should never walk. Because when you take food, the body requires your energy to digest it. But after taking food, when you walk, the energy suppler system your body is diversify and it will be provide all energy to body for walking activity. So your food will be as it is collected in stomach and it will be created indigestion of your body which is major cause of obesity.