A 32 Years old obese male person has strong history of alcohol with sedentary lifestyle since many years. He consult me for absolute intention of weight loss. Before i advised him to treatment, he said that he will not follow my diet chart. He said that, I want to loose my weight with my Diet chart. This patient started my medicine with any change of his diet and lifestyle modification and he loose his weight 6 kg in a month.

Advisable Panchkarma in Obesity

  • Whole body steam
  • Udvartan (Powder Massage)
  • Virechan
  • Vaman

This is not necessary for all patients. You can also loose your weight Without panchkarma also.

Probable Medicine for Obesity

  • Trikatu churna
  • Haritaki churna
  • Ajmodadi churna
  • Shobhanjan vati
  • Ajmodadi churn
  • Gaumutra haritaki

This may vary from patient to patient.