After successful treatment of over 800 people, we have launched 1st exclusive weight lose cure centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


We work scientifically from diagnostic level till the patient is completely cured. Medicines we offer are well researched and made with time tested herbs. We also offer different Panchkarma treatment for detoxification and strengthening the body. Our treatment is customized for different class like children, housewife, businessman, corporate executive and housewives.

What is Obesity according to ayurved?

Obesity is not a disease but only it is a stage of excessive indigestion and accumulated toxins in your body.

There are two types of Obesity according to Ayurveda.

  • Indigestion induced obesity (Most common type)
  • Obesity due to excessive med dhatu (Less common type)

In Ayurveda, obesity is known as Medarog, which is caused by the aggravation of Kapha. Kapha is an Ayurvedic humor which is dense, heavy, slow, sticky, wet and cold in nature.

It governs all structure and lubrication in the mind and body apart from controlling weight and formation of all the seven tissues - nutritive fluids, blood, fat, muscles, bones, marrow and reproductive tissues.

In a balanced state, Kapha gives nourishment to these tissues through various micro channels. However, when it is aggravated, Kapha leads to production of toxins in the body.

These toxins are heavy and dense in nature and accumulate in weaker channels of the body, causing their blockage. In the case of an obese person, toxins accumulate in Medovahi Srotas (fat channels), thereby leading to an increase in the production of fat tissue (Meda Dhatu).

When the body produces more fat tissues, it causes an increase in weight.

The Ayurvedic line of treatment for obesity begins with the pacification of Kapha Dosha. This can be done by eliminating Kapha-aggravating foods from the diet. Next, the treatment also focuses on cleansing of the Medovahi channels through cleansing herbs so that excess weight can be reduced.

Causes of obesity

  • Over eating
  • Excessive use of heavy, cold and sweet diet
  • Lack of exercise and Sex-act
  • Daytime sleep
  • Continues cheerfulness
  • Lack of thinking habit
  • Inherited tendency

Why treatment of obesity is necessary?

Due to obesity, person will suffer from many health problems like -

  • Shortening of lifespan
  • Difficulty in sex-act
  • Lethargic body
  • Dryness in body
  • Changes in behavior
  • Multiple diseases

How we loose your weight?

Obesity is only due to your poor digestion. Due to your poor digestion your weight will be increase. During 1st phase of our treatment, we have to cleanse your intestine, which is 25 feet long and flush out your toxins from your body, which was accumulated due to your improper lifestyle and wrong food habit.

During 2nd phase of our treatment, we will re-establish your real digestion power and improve overall metabolism.

This is very important phase of our treatment. Because we help you reduce your weight, in such way, that weight will not be gain again after stoppage of medicine.

Important Panchkarma treatments for Obesity cure:


Udavartan (Dry powder massage therapy)

Using Ayurveda herbal pastes, our exfoliating Udvartna therapy decreases the fluid retention, drains the lymph vessels, improves circulation and alleviates heaviness in the body.


Swedan (Sudation)

A powerful detoxifying treatment, which helps open circulatory channels, allowing toxins to mobilize and eliminating them through sweat glands. It is very good for fat burns.

Panchkarma is time tested detoxification treatment and cleansing process mostly useful in chronic disorders along with prevention. It is given under guidance of the M.D. Ayurved Panchkarma Specialist.

  • Vaman ( Medicine induced vommiting)
  • Virechan ( Medicine induced diarroea)
  • Udavartan (Dry powder massage therapy)
  • Lekhan Basti (Medicated enema)
  • Abhyanga (Internal lubrication)