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God has blessed all of us with best body which has inbuilt mechanism to cure any disease. Obesity is one of the serious problem and leads towards multiple diseases. There are primarily two ways to tackle obesity problem. Activate metabolism or else bariatric surgery. In Ayurveda, we believe in first option and help patient retain his original stomach and help cure obesity too. At Aagyarth Bariatrics Cure Centre, we offer exclusive weight loss treatments that includes lifestyle modification, ayurvedic medicine, and detoxification treatment. Aagyarth Bariatric Cure Centre is the perfect shelter for weight management through herbal oil massage, ayurvedic medicine, and diet to help our visitors attain deep relaxation and wellbeing. Our weight loss programmers have designed to improve your metabolism and leave you with a toned body and renewed vigor.

Our expert doctors and supporting staff work closely together to provide patients the most comprehensive support to accomplish better weight loss results, with successful long-term weight loss maintenance system.

Treatment Packages

Detoxification Therapy

We gather toxins everyday, these disrupt the balance in the doshas. Aagyarth Ayurveda has developed a detoxification therapy which helps the body expunge harmful radicals.

Obesity Management

Unhealthy food is the bane of modern day life. Here, you will go through a specific treatment to ensure that the excess fat is reduced and the metabolism is corrected.

Stress Management

Stress can influence how you feel, think, behave and how your body functions. Stress is not an illness in itself, but it can cause serious illness.

Our patients are our first priority

Modern life style can be complicated. Simplify it by adopting Ayurveda, the most ancient way of living a healthy life. Meet experts at Aagyarth for your healthy and happy tomorrow.